Our Services

Cube 5’s services are aimed at people interested in founding a company and startups in the fields of IT security and future communication technologies (6G). We provide general information on the topic of founding in consultation hours, support and accompany teams in the “StartUpSecure” and “StartUpConnect” funding programs of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and provide contact persons from our ecosystem. With our preCUBE and inCUBE funding programs, we offer comprehensive and needs-based startup support for people interested in founding a company and young teams.

Consultation hour

Questions will be answered about possible funding, events and other offers relating to start-ups in IT security or in the field of future communication systems.


The smart organisational system for ITS startup ideas: Our new preCUBE advisory service is geared to the needs and pace of ITS students interested in founding a company.


The Next Gen incubator inCUBE for early-stage startups in the fields of cybersecurity and future communication technologies offers intensive five-month support through workshops, coaching, mentoring and networking.


Cube 5 accompanies teams during the application process in the StartUpSecure funding programme. Research teams from German universities and startups can apply.


Cube 5 supports teams in the application process for the BMBF funding program StartUpConnect. The initiative is aimed at start-ups in the field of modern and future communication technologies (6G).